7 reasons why you should print photos


When was the last time you printed your photos? Years, if not months. Many of you would answer. What happened? Photo printing used to be one of the most meaningful things we do with our family, friends and loved ones. From taking pictures, send for development then last and most importantly, when we view the photos together. Sharing the joy and laughter again and again is simply magical.

Technology has changed our way of storing memories – those pictures we took are now stored on the social networks, the cloud storage and our hard disks. Printing them seems to be the last thing to come to our mind. Not because we don’t do it anymore, but simply because we’ve forgotten the feeling of holding those memories in our hands.

Here’s 7 reasons why you should print photos.

1. Relive your memories

You don’t often open your photo folders in your hard disk, if you do open at all. That simply means those beautiful memories you treasure are simply put away from your life. Print them out, and relive your memories with your loved ones every day.

2. Prints connects

Printed photos connect people. When your friends visit your house, those photos on display allows them to dive into your life and understand you more. It will also spark conversations around those beautiful experiences. Print photos, trust me it is beautiful.

3. Prints create stories

Photos are more beautiful if they tell a story, an experience, a part of life. Create albums or a scrap book with those beautifully printed photos, write down your feelings around those photos… Trust me they’re definitely better than Facebook “albums”.

4. Technology is not reliable

We used to keep our photos in CDs, heat kills it. Pendrives and hard disks are not reliable and they get corrupted by virus and stuffs. I don’t need to tell you how it feels to lose years of memories when technology fails. So, print your memories.

5. Platform changes

Did you backup your photos posted on your Friendster account? Many may argue that Facebook is doing a good job keeping those photos, but bear in mind platforms change, and they come and go. Our memories are best kept staying with us, in the (physical) albums and frames.

6. Your phone dies (or get stolen)

We take photos with our smartphones, but smartphone is the worst storage for your memories. When it dies or get stolen, unless you use Dropbox or iCloud to backup, they will be gone forever. With apps like Printit, everyone should print as it is so easy, directly from your smartphones!

7. Create stories with prints

Prints are timeless. The older the picture, the more valuable it is because it records a time that we simply can’t go back, but important in your life. You can write notes at the back of a printed photo, it becomes a piece of time that passes down to the generations to come.

Last but not least, it is so easy to print photos with Printit app now. So what are you waiting for?

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