About Printing Your Memories

Printit helps you to print your smartphone photos into beautiful shareable items, right from your smartphone. Be it photo print, photobook, postcards and calendar, you’re now able to immortalize your beautifully captured memories within your fingertip with Printit.

We believe every photo was taken for a reason, and those are the moments we should treasure. Technology has made photo-taking a daily thing, especially with smartphones. Unfortunately it also made us forget about the meaning of photo-taking - which we believe is to immortalise moments we treasure. We could store hundreds of GBs of photos in hard disks (and probably view them again 18 months later or never ever), yet we never thought of printing them because it was troublesome to do so.

We want to change this.

We want to revive the joy of holding your precious memories in your hand, stick them on your wall, even on fridge, mirror, reunion party... And we want you to be able to do it directly from your smartphones.

Printit is a mobile application available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. It is free. You can now turn your smartphone photos into various sizes of photo prints, postcards (imagine sending baby photos to your loved ones far away), personalized photobook and calendar - imagine creating calendars with your own photos, how beautiful is that?

Printit is a creation by Tribeup Sdn Bhd, a digital agency since 2010.