Printit Featured #1: Sherilyn Kang

Printit is 82 days old today, and we’ve printed thousands of photos that records your memories. We’re flattered and honored. Thank you for celebrating happYness with Printit.

We’re doing this best job in the world – producing your beautiful photos every day. We see smiles, hugs, kisses… You’re so beautiful. We produce your orders in a strictly confidential manner, no questions about that. But some photos, or some people’s way of seeing the world, are so inspiring that we’d love to share with you guys.

Thanks to our generous and ever lovely friends, we’ve got some eye feasts for you on weekly basis starting today. We’ll be running this Printit Featured weekly column to feature one photographer every week. We will be profiling these photographers – not necessarily pro, but we admire the way they capture moments, and how they appreciate their photos… so reminiscing and moving.

Our first featured photographer is Sherilyn Kang, from Penang.
Sherilyn is a traveler, writer, photographer, mother, and many more. Her photos are beautiful and special in the way they were captured. It reflects her attitude towards life and how she’s living it with her loved ones. Enjoy what she’s got to share with us.

What does photography means to you?

To me, it means many but most of all it means to preserve the moment and sharing your vision, it’s a way of recoding life, just like a diary of my life. Instead of writing it down in words, i prefer it to be in images. A picture speak a thousand words. My pictures are not necessarily pretty, but they do show every beautiful moments of my life, my family, my friends and everything we do.

You have a unique way of taking photos, how it started?

I started to learn photographing quite late, almost at my mid-30. Before that I did take photos but not seriously into it until I’ve got my first DSLR. Like anybody else, I’ve been through the stage where we wanted to take a perfect picture with correct aperture, the amount of light, the speed, the golden rules and etc. You know, when you start to concern about the numbers and techniques. Then I came to realise that’s not what I want for photography When I emphasise too much on the technique and skill, I miss the important moment because it doesn’t wait. Realising that, I start to shoot with just feel. Forget all about adjusting the numbers, but capturing that perfect slice of time, I believe what I felt at the moment can be shown through the picture. If I was traveling with my family, I will take pictures of the combination of the scenery and my children with daddy; if I was cycling, I would include my bicycle into the picture, then simple landscape picture will be no more a simple landscape, it’s more lively.

What do you want your viewers to take away from your photos?

To see what I see, to feel what I feel, the moment and the stories in it.

Any tips you can share about mobile photography?
Try taking picture from the lower angle, you might get something more dramatic than shooting from the eye level.

Do you share your photos? How?
Of course, but I don’t just share my photos on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Blogspot). I also share it on some local magazine which I have a column sharing our traveling stories. But what I love most, is to print it out into postcard or small photo books to be given away. My photos are a piece of me, what could be a more perfect gift than to share a piece of myself to friends we love?

What makes you print your photos?

I believed that photos are meant to be printed out, either it’s in a book or card. For that you can flip it, touch it, hang it up or showcase it in any corner of the house. You’ll be able to see it anytime and at that particular moment it reminds you of the sweetest memories or a good old time. I don’t like to just keep the photos in hard drives as when I need to see them, I will have to first see a bunch of numbered file names, and that just kills all the mood.

Any suggestions for Printit?

I love the mini size of prints that Printit offer, it’s so special. But I also love print out my photo and send to friend as postcard, so yes, i hope to see Printit to more sizes, especially postcard size print in future. Also, more choice of photo paper (glossy, matte and ect)

Any suggestions for our readers?

Just go ahead to shoot and print your photo, weren’t that what we do with our photos in the good old days?

Sherilyn organizes her printed photos beautifully in a creative away, we’re totally in love with it.

Sherilyn can be reached at:

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(First posted on Printit Facebook Page on 3 May 2014)

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