Printit Featured #2: Faye

Our users brought us the world through their photos. We are always fascinated by how moments are captured through different eyes. We believe this is what makes photography so intriguing – nobody will take the same photo as everyone see things differently.

Faye is our featured photographer this round. He is a designer by profession, he is from Perlis, Malaysia.

We love Faye’s way of composition in his photos. There’s serenity in his photos given the warm colors, and the people in them. Faye’s interview was conducted in Mandarin. Enjoy.
What does photography means to you?

You have a unique way of taking photos, how it started?


What do you want your viewers to take away from your photos?

Any tips you can share about mobile photography?


Do you share your photos? How?

我都会通过facebook 和 instagram 分享。是还有其他很多平台例如:flickr, thumblr, blog and etc. 但是目前我只通过facebook 和 instagram。

What makes you print your photos?

是喜悦,把自己的时光或生活的一部分冲洗出来,打个比喻好了,就好像看着自己的孩子出生。那如果帮别人冲洗照片,就好像医生在接生刚出世的小孩。这一份喜悦,无价。我会把 Printit 印给我的照片,拿去跟朋友们分享和讨论。Printit 平台非常好,觉得可以再发展更广一些。
Thank you Faye!

Faye built a photo wall with Printit photos. Lovely ain’t it?

Faye can be reached at:

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(First posted on Printit Facebook page on 19 May 2014)

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