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In the blink of an eye, it is already the last month of the first half of 2014.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get”. We love this quote from Forrest Gump movie very much. Indeed life is full of surprises, but you’ll have to take the leap to find out what you actually like, and most importantly, what you don’t like.

If life is an adventure, it takes an explorer to make the most of it. Here’s Clu, a person whom we admire his courage, his guts and his inspiration to try out new things in life. Remember what makes human different than animals, at least one of them – it is our ability to imagine, and create. Okay that’s two.

What was the wildest imagination you’ve ever had, and what do you do about it?

Tell us a lil about yourself, Clu.

Hi, I’m Clu Soh(Soh Wei Kar). I’m a designer, photographer and also a videographer. I love looking at beautiful things and explore new stuff. Currently, I still have one more year to go in my designing education. I’m also working at THExCREW and I’m an Apple fan. A coffee lover too.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography to me actually is just one of my hobby and a part of my life. Photography is not my full time job, but I have the passion in it. What’s the thing that can keep the memories last forever? To me, photography is a way to record down everything that happened in my life. I always love to find something interesting at some particular places, because unexpected surprises can happen and that’s when the moments came and I must capture it.

You have a unique way of taking photos, how does it started?

I started photography since 2010, that time I’musing iPhone 4 to take picture. Until one day after I won a school competition accidentally, i decided to get my first camera, OlympusEPL-2 (that time I don’t even know how shutter speed works), since then I got very excited in taking pictures so I bought a DSLR because I think it’s time to go beyond Marco 4/3 camera. So here I go having Canon 60D in my hand after 7 month. When I own a DSLR, my family and my friends start asking to help take photos for events like wedding dinner etc. Getting to realize that I love photography very much so I end up buying a lot of books and browsing thru photography webpages everyday to gain more knowledge about it. I also wish to learn it in a professional way and Mr.Steven Goh (Celebrity Photographer) is my mentor. He keeps giving me chances and expose our works of photography to the market. He is always willing to give us chance to work with him. I’m truly grateful.

So I started my part-time photography life. I had tried a few times carrying my DSLR on street to take some photos, but when I try to shot on public people out there they are actually feeling uncomfortable pointing them with huge camera.Therefore I bought a Fujifilm X100. First I love the color and the camera size is smaller . It’s really nice for street photography.Excellent for me!

I don’t know when it started but one day I figured out that photography is not about what equipment I use,it’s about what I want to express. [Laugh] Nowadays the photos that I like most are the ones taken by my iPhone, because I’ll be focusing on what I want to shoot more than what kind of setting I should use.

How do you wish to inspire your viewers from your photo collections?

Feel comfortable, peace and the feeling of the photo.

Any tips you can share about mobile photography?

Of cause the battery of your smartphone. I had tried a lot of time, I have the good timing and object in front of me, but it’s really bad when my phone was out of battery. and also more observing on things happened around us, plus the best camera is just in your pocket.

You look like a coffee lover?

Yes!!! I’m a super coffee lover, I have got influenced from my Instagram friends who always capture nice coffee photos. We discover new coffee shop and nice coffee together. I have addicted with it till I wrote this on my Whatsapp status -Coffee is poison, Design is life. Haha.

Can you share with us what type of photo editing app that you love using?

Must be VSCOcam, I’m also their vscofilm user on my Mac. Previously, I always like to use Snapseed, Camera+ but after using VSCOcam, I’m crazy about it and bought all of their filters and can’t live without em.

Do you share your photos? How?

I love sharing, when meeting up with people who like photography we share everything about photography and about photos that we love the most. Sharing photos is just like sharing happiness in life. Some of the scenes that I see may not be seen by others, through sharing we can have some new experiences in life.

What makes you print your photos?

I’m born from the generation that use film, where you need to wash to get the photos and share to others.When I started photography, I felt getting the photos onto hands are the only way for you to share with the people closely. Of course we can share through the screen (Internet) but we can’t explain much bywords, especially when I am the one who can’t express well through words. So I like to print out and share with others. Sometimes, I would print out as postcards and send to my friends.

How would you recommend Printit to your friends?

Printit provides good quality and fast service to people with very fast way.

Any suggestions for our future customers of what they can do with the printed photos?

Pick the photo you liked the most, meaningful for you. Just print it, the printed photo is definitely different compared to viewing on screen.
Some of the Clu’s photos printed via Printit.

Clu can be reached at:

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(First posted on Printit Facebook page on 3 June 2014)

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