Printit Featured #4: Chun Le

At times I like to look at those old photos, imagining how things could turn out if those moments did not happen.

I am always glad that they DID HAPPENED. People come and go in our lives, and we human are so forgetful, we need to be constantly reminded that despite challenges in life, we still have beautiful friends around.

We love Le’s photos with her beautiful friends during beautiful occasions. It is a rare talent for being able to capture those precious moments just at the right timing. It must be love, towards the people she truly cares. When was the last time you laugh together with those people you care the most?

Plan a trip with those beautiful people you treasure, relive those joy and laughter once again. Life is often challenging, but we can always choose to be happy.

Please tell us a lil about yourself.

Ahoy! Call me Le. I love everything about art and design. Everything around you are designed, the way you smile is a design too.

What does photography mean to you?
Photography is an art and I love everything about art.

What comes to mind when you first learn that Printit App exist?
Photo wall! Also especially when it’s so simple and affordable. Finally a photo wall at ease.

You have a unique way of taking photos, how does it started?
I’m not quite sure. You know when you love doing that one thing, with the passion inside you, it will all flow in very naturally. I believe every people see things differently, that is why every human in the world are good at different kind of talents. Very subjective I must say. With the passion way of looking at things, these are what I produced. If I can make someone smile by looking at it, or stop andstare on my photos, it meant a lot to me. When the moment came through my eye, I will make sure that I click that click before it’s gone forever. I mighteat slow, talk slow.. haha, but when I am in it, I am fast.

How do you wish to inspire your viewers from your photo collections?
I love experimenting shots in rare angles and playing with composition. Hope they enjoy looking at it.

Any tips you can share about mobile photography?
Well, people can never felt enough. Me during primary school, cameras are so expensive, then came the mobile camera phones, then Instax Instant Camera, how about Lomo Cameras and list of digital cameras. Those who can afford will get a DSLR. I love photography very much. Therefore, I adore my mobile phone’s camera it’s small and it sticks with me wherever I go. Cool! What’scooler, mobile camera now are also competing among the best camera phones in the world. So now photography can be reach by a lot of people, if youlove taking photos, you should enjoy it with whatever you have in your hand. I’m thankful to have such an advantage in photography. What I have withme is HTC OneX which deliver good quality of speed on clicks and colors are brilliant. Tips? I think mobile photography is simply about speed, because it’seasy access (in your hand/pocket/handbag all the time). With only this, it actually serves you everything that you need just to capture that one momentbefore it slips out from the sight. So what else do you wish for? It’s all in your hand. Enjoy it!

Some people edit their photos some does’nt. What about you?
I love to edit them. I like colors, whether fade colors, black and white, contrast colors etc. We don’t often get so lucky to be able to snap the scenes that are at the ideal lighting and position. So yes, cropping is important too. I love using VSCOcam, Aviary, Eyeem and some others too.

Your travelling photos were really beautiful. In the photos, you gals looks very lovely to each other. Tell us more.
Thank you. I don’t get to travel a lot, and that’s actually Langkawi Island where we are at, a short holiday that I got with my besties.Short and simple trip with them and taking photos is a must. All taken with my HTC phone. I’m really glad.

That’s nice! Do you share your photos? How?
Facebook Instagram and Blog. Now with Printit, I had actually purchase a few sets of order to send to some of my friends as photo gifts. They love it max!

How would you recommend Printit to your friends?
I hope they can Like Printit’s page on Facebook and follow them on Instagram too, because that’s where people can seethe whole idea of what’s happening. It’s awesome. They should get it.

Any suggestions for Printit?

More sizes, postcards? (we have it now, yay!)

Any suggestions for our future customers of what they can do with the printed photos?
I saw my friend made photo balloons to decorate the ambience in a party room. It looks awesome! This is why they have miniphotos, becausesome photos are great printed in small sizes. It’s all about creative I must say. Love it!

Le is cool indeed. And we love her wall decorated with Printit photos, we can’t tell you how proud we are. 🙂

Drop by Le’s Instragram and check out her beautiful shots. Say hi too.

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(First posted on Printit Facebook page on 10 July 2o14)

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